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Physical healing may be difficult and emotional for you and I, But physical healing is not hard for Jesus.

This is my first time writing about physical healing.

Namely because it’s scary and emotional and vulnerable.  Physical healing is hard.

I’ve spent the majority of the last 10 years walking around looking completely healthy on the outside, feeling completely helpless on the inside.  I have seen specialist after specialist— each who have told me there is nothing wrong with me in spite of the mystery pain. I’ve re-adjusted my diet over and over, and for the most part, seen no lasting change.

I have gone to the altar, had others pray over me, cried with my husband, and prayed for myself.  Only to walk away with no miraculous healing.

I have wondered and questioned and begged for God to take away my pain.  I have seen moments of relief, met by seemingly inevitable disappointment.  I have known fear— of the unknown, of what is to come, of the answers no one can find.

And yet, I have found hope.

For a long while, my prayer was “God, heal me if you want to.”  I knew that He loved me.  I knew that He should want to.  But I just couldn’t fathom that He could want to and not follow through.  The God I know would follow through.  So I kept wrestling and kept questioning and ultimately, landed on this:

Of course He wants to heal me.

I know that He’s a good Father.  The evidence of my life screams that it’s true.  I know that He wants good things for me and has great plans for my life— plans that are very dependent on my physical health.

So, I started praying more confidently.  I started leaning in.  I started pressing through and ignoring the pain, believing in faith that it would not hold me back any longer.  Sometimes, it is that simple.  But I've learned that there’s another truth at play:

The devil hates me.  Like really, really hates me.

My wisest mentor once told me that as humans, we often confuse the facts and imagine that the devil is equally as evil as God is good, when he’s not.  His name doesn’t deserve a capital, nor does he deserve much of my attention, but he does hate me and if there’s something he hates about me the most I know that it is the authority that I carry from Jesus.  The power of Christ that lives in me.  The faith that believes I will be healed.  The urging in my soul that says I simply can’t help but follow Jesus and pour my life out passionately for Him.

If the devil were to want to attack any part of me, wouldn’t he first attack the main tool I use to carry out the callings God has given me, my voice— both physically and metaphorically?

I can tell you that he has.  The enemy has attacked my physical voice, my stamina, my ability to pour out as much or as effectively as I want to, the simplicity of sitting down to a meal with family without having to explain why I am or am not eating this way now.  

BUT he has not won.  Though the enemy will be fighting for my life until the day that I die, he has already been defeated.

JESUS has won.

Physical healing may be difficult and emotional for you and I, but physical healing is not hard for Jesus.

He alone has the power to come through AND the power to walk us through when God purposes the pain to raise us into warriors.

This is my first time writing about physical healing.  But suddenly, I know it won’t be my last, because I believe that I will see many days of healing in my life. 

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”- Psalm 27:13

“I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”- Psalm 27:13

Not just someday, when I meet Jesus and am glorified with a new body.

With these eyes of faith, whether my earthly body fails or is healed, I will live to see the goodness of God in my life and I will testify of the ways He is moving me, daily. 

Because, “even if He doesn’t”, He is still good.  He is still faithful.  He is still making me new.

He is preparing me to witness miracles in this life and He is healing my heart while he prepares the ultimate healing I will experience when I am finally made perfectly complete in Him.

So, today, I will praise Him all the more. 

I will claim my victory.

I will cling to Truth.

And I will not just say it, but believe that my healing is coming.

Praise precedes the miracle.

Noel Campagna | PIECES | Worship Leader, Writer, In Love with Jesus & Glenn Campagna


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