The First Step


Have we met before?!  If not, hi! 👋🏼 
We’re Glenn + Noel, a husband and wife who love Jesus and make music together as PIECES.

PIECES began as an idea God planted in us in 2015, but no one but our friends and families heard much about it until we started traveling in 2017.

Part of that is because of the way God crafts visions in the hidden seasons of our lives… but the other reason (can we be real with you?), is because it took us a long time to feel like it was ok to start.

We both had solo music projects before God suggested we work together (about a year after we got MARRIED! 🎉) and, we’ve spent the last few years dreaming, praying, writing, investing, and pouring out… but a little bit afraid of making moves.
Where do we begin? What do we sound like?  When is the “right” moment?  What are the “right” words?

Starting is always the hardest part. 

When you know that you’ve been given a dream that’s specifically crafted for you, your skills and your calling, and you know that God is undeniably saying “go”, “speak”, “create”, “write”, “do”… you know in your head that it should be the easiest move of your life, and yet, that same exact thing can be what paralyzes you.

Because even when you’re gifted, even when God has clearly spoken and everything is “lining up”, it’s still about that first step and the first step is… well, SCARY. 

Sometimes it’s fear of the unknown and the unanswered flaws in the plan that will come, but more often than not, we find that we personally get stuck on the “weight”.

Often the vision is so great, the outcome so potentially incredible, and the calling so strong, that we suddenly feel so small and inadequate to reach the depths that God is sending us to… because we believe in it SO MUCH.  We want it to be PERFECT.  We want it to be EFFECTIVE.  We want to be able to offer something that is WORTH something.

We put all this pressure on ourselves and totally lose sight of the fact that none of the pressure is supposed to be on us.  But we humans love to make things about us, don’t we?  And before we know it, the focus has left the vision and the God who sent it and is all aimed inward, at our tiny imperfections.  At what “I” have to give and how not good enough it is... and that’s where we get tripped up. 

When we lose sight of our position (“God”- unchanging, always faithful, never-failing, “me”- very human and not those things) the same thing happens when we’re faced with an omniscient, omnipresent, over-our-heads, incredible-beyond-compare Savior.

We are compelled with everything in us to praise, but we have no idea where to begin.  When we’re not careful, we turn inward to our own limitations and let fear rule our hearts… ultimately saying that we’d rather worship our own insecurities than admit that we might actually have to rely on this God− all because we forget that it is GOOD for God to be bigger than “me”.

Our job is supposed to be simply taking the first step.

"It is good for God to be bigger than 'me'." Noel Campagna | PIECES Worship

When Glenn and I pray together, we hold hands and close our eyes, and I immediately take a deep breath and exhale.  Glenn thinks the predictability is hilarious.  I honestly have no idea why I have this silly habit (I also smell our shampoo every time I use it 🤷🏽‍♀️) but, thinking about it now, I wonder if it’s the hidden secret to the first step… to exhale everything that is “me” and lock eyes with a God who is not.

Forget the insecurities, forget my strengths, forget how many times I have or haven’t lept before and how it’s turned out, and remember that God is calling.

Where we are so small, He is so NOT.  Where we are unprepared, He has already paved the way.  Where we feel disconnected, He has already engaged. 

So the only real place for us to start is with the only true strength we carry− the ability to open our mouths in praise and embrace who He IS.

He is wonderful.  He is beyond compare.  He is full of Grace.  He is in control.  And because we are His own, He wants to be in relationship with us, He wants to hold our fears, He wants to hear our worship… and He does not think it is “small”.

"He wants to hear our worship... and He does not think it is 'small'." Noel Campagna | PIECES Worship

When we praise His goodness, we declare His Glory, and that moves the Father heart of God.

So, welcome.  We hope you join us in our journey of recovering from perfectionism and pretending to be in control to worship a perfect God who does not need us, but wants us, and dreamt of our destinies before He breathed the stars.

This is our first step, our exhale.

Noel Campagna | PIECES | Worship Leader, Writer, In Love with Jesus & Glenn Campagna


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